We are based in the small community of Christina Lake BC where the need for a convenient single serve brewing method that does not need complicated machinery or create unnecessary waste is informed by our glorious environment. Coffee pods take a serious toll on our environment. According to a Canadian filmmaker from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Mike Hachey, who created both a website and a video to raise awareness about this issue, there could be as many as 60 billion of these small plastic cups in landfills. Diverting waste while enjoying a delicious coffee is foremost on our mind. 

I then combined the highest quality specialty-grade organic and ethically sourced coffee beans and Chage I could find with the X-wing coffee bag. The result was a portable drip coffee blend that is convenient and outstanding in its flavor profile with a single serving pouches. The medium-fine grind dark roast is perfect for the time it takes to brew our coffee. 

Support sustainable, fair-trade, organic for yourself and most importantly the environment.

*Note: For our USA friends we also recommend Black Out Coffee.

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